Click Jogos is the largest online game portal from Brazil:

Audience Numbers:
  • 90 millions visits per month

  • 21 millions unique visitors

  • 600 millions pageviews

  • 2,4 billions ad impressions

  • 15 thousand games in the catalog

  • 300 millions game plays per month

  • 1 hour per month is the average time each user spends in Click Jogos

  • 7 pages viewed monthly per user

  • Source: Google Analytics - January 2013
    Did you know?

    1 in 3 Internet users of 6 to 24 years old access Click Jogos. And 1 in each 4 of all ages also access Click Jogos.

    Source: ComScore - July 2012

    Click Jogos is the leader in the games category in Brazil, according to ComScore and IBOPE.

    Source: ComScore – July 2012 and IBOPE - July 2012

    Click Jogos is the 5º largest website from Brazil in total minutes/month.

    Source: IBOPE - January 2013

    Click Jogos is larger than Twitter in Brazil.

    Source: ComScore - July 2012

    Click Jogos is larger than the whole Kids/Games/Toys category from IBOPE/Nielsen.

    Source: IBOPE - July 2012
    The most cited websites to play:

    1º Click Jogos

    2º Facebook

    3º Orkut

    4º Ojogos

    5º Jogos Online

    6º UOL Jogos

    7º Google

    8º Papa Jogos

    9º Level UP

    Source: Game Pop Research - May 2012