By integrating your game to Click Jogos you can offer achievements to the user, a reward to make the player spend more time connected to your game and return to play sometimes.

Registering achievements Achievements Pattern Delivering achievements

Click Jogos allows you to create up to a hundred custom achievements to your game, they are linked to stats created because each achievement is conquered by the user when it reaches a certain value in a stat


The achievement registration process is quite simple, you just need to enter the name of the achievement, your description, select a stat, enter a value, and upload a picture.

  • Achievement Name

    Each achievement can have a name up to 20 characters (including blanks), we recommend to provide a better experience for your player, the names are self-explanatory and not flee the theme of your game.

    ex: Bosses Killer

  • Achievement Description

    You have up to 50 characters to explain to the user why achievement was gained, be succinct and direct

    ex: Defeat all 4 bosses

  • Stats and Value

    Each achievement is linked to a stat, then for every achievement that you create you will need to select a stat ans set the value that it will be released

    For each value of stat that your game submit to the server, a check will be performed in order to find existing achievements for that value.

  • Image

    The achievement image can be send in .png, .jpeg, .gif and .tiff format, can be up to 2mb, and can't not smaller than 35px.

    If you don't have images for the achievements of your game, you can use any of the predefined images by clicking on them.

When a player reaches the required value for the achievement release, it is shown at the top of the game, and can also be seen in the user profile at Click Jogos.

You can create up to 6 achievements per game, then balance the moment they are released, adding a better experience for the player.


First Step - Art

What is the message you want to transmit?

For a game more intuitive and better experience we indicate that the visual of achievement be similar to the game and can quickly pass the visual message to the user.

Don't have an art for the achievement? No problem, we haver arts of achievement ready for you.

Second Step - Sizes


We recommend sending the images of your achievements without  edges or corners image effects. Using the dimensios of 95x95px, we will convert your image to smaller forms that will appear on the site.


You don't need to deliver the achievements inside your game, this is done automatically by our API through the stats and achievements registered in our DevCenter.

When the user reaches the score in the stat declared in the creation of your achievement, our API will show the achievement in the top of your game frame, and in the box bellow the frame the achievement will be showed unblocked (colorfull and without opacity).